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About Me

Many people are under the impression that an ache or a pain in their body just happens.  You turned wrong, slept wrong or just have not stretched enough. Having worked on thousands of bodies, I can tell you, it is more than that. Your body tells a story, your story. I observe, listen, and feel the story your body tells, and deliver back the nurturement it craves.

We start our life, every one of us, in a warm safe cocoon of a mothered environment. We are nurtured and nutritionally fortified. We are safe. We are loved.

As we grow, if we are fortunate enough, we continue to get brief moments of mothering touch. It may be a hug or it may be a soft hand circling our back as we fall asleep at night. However we got it, it was powerful. It stole our stress, relieved our troubled emotions, and gave us momentary peace. Magic.

As we tackle life, that touch, that magic, gets farther away, and we get further from experiencing it. Soon our bodies are stiffened with suppressed muscular and emotional tensions. We put troubling situations out of our minds, but our bodies hold them in clenched muscles and strained joints.

It is time for you to experience the almost supernatural touch, a magical mothering touch, in a session designed for you, to take you back to that state of pure nurture and wholeness.

If you have heard of “the horse whisperer”, you can think of me as the “body whisperer.” My thousands of hours conducting massage affirm consistently that your body’s aches, stiffness and limitations, are not that you are getting older, they are access points to emotional and physical responses. It is time to let them go, and I am the therapist to do that with you.

While a magical mothering touch defines my reputation, it also speaks to my legacy. My own mother, Nina Westerlund, was a renowned massage therapist, healing hundreds. Even though she worked while processing her own congestive heart failure issues, she focused her energies on the nurture of others. When she passed, I knew it was my calling to continue her work and her talent. She is my hero. What she stood for is my inspiration. 

I offer that to you. Let the child in you reclaim the nurturing you may feel you left behind. More importantly, let your body release its guarded tensions and find the wellness it deserves.

I am Yvonne Horner, and I am here for you.

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