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Yvonne Horner, CMT, BCTMB

Specializing in Integrative and Intuitive Massage & Bodywork

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Yvonne is a Nationally recognized Board-Certified Somatic Massage Therapist. She was voted "Best Massage Therapist-Runner Up" in 2023 and “Best Massage Therapist” in 2022 with Good Times “Best of Santa Cruz County.”

Her journey into the healing arts began in 2006 while working as a Student Counselor at a massage school that her mother attended. Her mother, Nina Westerlund, was a renowned massage therapist, healing hundreds. Although Nina worked while processing her own congestive heart failure issues, she focused her energies on the nurture of others. When she passed, Yvonne knew it was her calling to continue her work and her talent. Yvonne has been practicing massage on and off for over 16 years, and has been practicing full time for 9 years. After moving to the Santa Cruz Mountains in 2015, Yvonne started a new practice on this side of the hill and has loved supporting this beloved community ever since.

What clients are saying...

"Yvonne is fantastic! She's incredibly in tune with the human body and can find and dispel your ailments with ease. Every experience with her has been incredibly relaxing and healing. Her deep tissue work is also amazing and if you've felt let down by others, I can assure you she will not disappoint upon request. Do your body a kindness and go see her!" - Holly S.

  526 Soquel Avenue, Suite A, Santa Cruz, CA. 95062 - (925) 640-5174

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